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Case Studies


To give you a practical idea of how we can support your organisation here are a few example case studies of some of the work done by Strategic Human Capital Consulting.

Critical components of a successful global leadership development programme

A leadership development program across 13 countries!

20150603 112711 This case study provides detail of the global leader ship development programme Strategic Human Capital Consulting developed and implemented for a US-based Public Health Non-Profit Foundation (NGO) operating across 13 countries in Africa.

The client said: "“With the inspirational leadership and facilitation of our program partners ... from Strategic Human Capital Consulting, participants stretched and challenged themselves through 4 ½ days of intensive interaction, working individually and in groups, to begin their own unique leadership journey."

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Highly effective teams a prerequisite for highly successful organisations

A diagnostic tool for tracking what it takes to be a high-performing team

teameffectivenessThis case study discusses teams as the critical building block in successful organisations and how you can ensure that all the teams in your organisation – irrespective of their size, inter-relatedness with others, point in their lifecycle, composition etc. – operate effectively and optimally.

The client said: “This is genius!”“Implementing this across the organisation will SURELY turn the organisation around!”

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360 Degree Leadership Review: Listen to those who really matter

If you want to know which leadership competences you need to work on, ask those who see you in action!

degree reviewThis case study discusses the benefits and power of a 360 degree review process in support of directed Leadership Development. The 360 degree review allows for anonymous objective feedback and comments from up to 30 chosen associates on 26 critical areas of leadership competence as plotted on a seven levels of Leadership consciousness model.

The client said: "This is the best investment I have ever made into my own professional development. It was enlightening!”

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Performance appraisal tool for support staff in a law firm/ professional services firm

Addressing the challenge of objectively evaluating the performance of employees in different administrative/ support roles

performance appraisal_twoThis case study discusses the performance appraisal tool developed to assess the performance of the non professional/ administrative staff of a law firm. The tool can be customised and will suit most professional services environments.

The client said: "I must say I am very happy with the outcome ... I think we have some people thinking very differently about what they do at work every day!”

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Qualitative and quantitative data to direct your culture and human capital investments

A ‘hard-nosed’ approach to the ‘soft’ issues

Quality and_quantityThis case study provides examples of the tools used and the analytics Strategic Human Capital Consulting provide to give our clients a comprehensive view of the state of their culture, employee engagement, human capital practices and leadership so as to enable them to make informed decisions about human capital investments.

The client said: "... What a tour de force! And also containing incredible amounts of information ... ” “[Your report and advice] is enormously valuable and in many senses and eye opener.”

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Leadership Development Level 1: Personal Leadership Development

‘Inside out’ personal leadership development as the foundation fo successfully leading others

dsc02562This workshop module, which we developed and have since customised and implemented for various clients, focuses on the first and most critical building block towards being a truly successful leader, namely high levels of self-awareness and self-understanding.

 The client said: "I really enjoyed the logical and rational representing of concepts which have until now always appeared to be far apart and unattainable. If this experience doesn’t change my life, nothing will.

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Diversity: Transforming Diverse Groups

‘Diversity’ is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another's uniqueness.' - Ola Joseph

DiversityThe success of any company’s BEE programme lies not in meeting quotas but in reaching, challenging and changing the hearts and minds of employees. This case study describes the workshop we have designed and implemented to achieve this transformation very successfully.

The client said: “It was an amazing revealing experience. I came with no expectations and will go home with amazing insight into diversity"

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Employee Engagement Barometer

A company wide barometer of people management practices & the mood on ground level

Employee engagementHere we implemented a strategic level employee engagement barometer to track overall employee engagement across the organisation. See the separate case study where we implement a far more comprehensive and detailed employee engagement assessment...

The client said: “This data has been valuable for us to track things on ground level in the organisation." 

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Coaching: Individual

A journey exploring personal drivers and a framework for career decisions

Coaching 2Our client, in this case a young up-and-coming self-driven high achiever, lives with the blessing (and curse) of being highly talented. “There is much I am good at and can do, but what is ultimately right for me?” “Should I do an MBA?" (often incorrectly seen as the answer to all of the high-achiever-frustrated-in-career’s questions). “I am concerned previous ‘gut’ career shifts weren’t well thought through, I want to make sure I do them right in future.” “I feel a strong sense of restlessness (again...!)”

The client said: Working with Danie has been an incredible experience... Not only was I able to do long term planning, but I also have had access to a sounding board who helped me evaluate my working life and my working relationships so that I was able to view each situation as a learning experience."

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Induction Into Organisational Culture

Building a strong culture in a fast paced, rapidly expanding environment

inductionResearch shows that the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions is as high as 70% – the main reason being inappropriate management of employees and leadership during and post acquisition. Here we designed and implemented an induction programme in a fast-paced, rapidly expanding environment.

The client said: “This Monday will be different. Now we realise that our efforts do make a difference. We owe it to the others to deliver to the best of our abilities. It was exceptional, full of energy and enthusiasm.“

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Talent Management & Career Development

Empowering managers to take ownership of developing & retaining talent

Talent and_careerIn the global fight for highly skilled talent it is essential to carefully manage and track the careers of top performers. For this client we designed and implemented a career development and talent management structure after they had begun to lose some of their best employees.

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Coaching: Alpha Male Syndrome

Are alpha assets and liabilities influencing your organisation's success or failure?

Alpha FemaleThe term Alpha Male (and Female) has long been used to refer to the dominant leaders of the pack in business, industry and sport. It was also explored in detail in the groundbreaking research by Worth Ethic (whose global network of coaches Danie is a member of). The result of which was a detailed analysis of four categories of Alpha leaders as well as a diagnostic tool that identifies the categories an individual forms part of as well as their specific Alpha assets and probable accompanying liabilities.

The client said: "I was really amazed with our discussion (after receiving the Alpha report). Thanks a lot ... It has really gone a long way in helping define my career path and helping me stay focused.“

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Strategic Human Capital Management, Analysis and Planning

Designing a strategic people strategy for a professional firm

People PlanningWe undertook a comprehensive qualitative analysis of a professional firm's culture to provide them with a proposed blueprint strategic human capital plan that supplements their existing efforts and supports their other business strategies.

The client said: "... I was very impressed by the strategic analysis report you prepared for us. I have spent a great deal of time studying it and will most definitely often refer back to it in the future. It has been very valuable and in many ways an eye opener to the reality amongst our employees."

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