Strategic Human Capital Consulting

Management Consulting & Organisational Development


Strategic Human Capital Consulting focuses on the strategic role of people and culture in the success of organisations. We design, facilitate and implement creative and innovative strategies and solutions that support our clients’ business strategies.

Organisations are however complex integrated systems (not unlike Antoni Gaudí's incomplete Sagrada Família church pictured on this page) so the work we do naturally overlaps with core business planning and strategy as well as whole systems transformation processes and as a result we have also designed and facilitated numerous business strategy and transformation processes.  

A 2011 Booz & Company Global Study titled ‘Why Culture is Key’ found that only 44 per cent of companies reported that their culture and innovation strategies were clearly aligned with their business goals. However these organisations delivered 33 per cent higher enterprise value growth and 17 per cent higher profit growth than those lacking such tight alignment. quote


Strategic Analysis: Culture and People

All four_and_craneSuccessful strategies are data driven and have buy in from everyone. As certified providers of the world-renowned Barrett Values Centre Culture Transformation Tools (CTT), we have access to a comprehensive range of diagnostic tools that enable us to strategically analyse, assess and monitor organisations across a range of criteria, which include:

• Current and desired levels of organisational maturity and consciousness;
• Organisational health as measured though the presence of healthy versus potentially limiting organisational values;
• The financial impact of the potentially limiting values identified;
• Experienced versus desired organisational culture; and
• Organisational and individual values and behaviours.

The assessment tools are customisable and easily accessible via a web interface and reports can be prepared to compare the outcomes for different demographic groups/ levels etc. The outcomes are used to direct and guide the design of strategies and organisational transformation programmes.


Strategy Facilitation: 4-Quadrant Strategic Alignment

Four towersThe objective input of an external facilitator can add great value to a strategic planning process. Drawing on a wide spectrum of facilitation techniques and strategy/ transformation models, we custom design the process in collaboration with management to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved. Whether for re-focusing the organisation or as part of a clean-slate approach to strategic planning, we often introduce four quadrant strategic alignment models for:

• Strategy: direction alignment;
• Culture: alignment of the organisational container and soul; and
• Action: alignment of action plans, efforts, activities, processes and procedures.


Organisational Development (OD): Transformation

City viewHistorically, organisational transformation has often incorrectly been seen as a change or right-sizing process. However, transformation should rightly be part of the organisation’s continuous evolution to adapt and grow towards balanced maturity and success. To achieve this we assist organisations with a metric-driven holistic approach for reviewing, balancing and aligning: strategic direction (mission & vision); culture (leadership, people & values); and action (strategies & action plans). We draw from a spectrum of appropriate world best-practice tools and models.


Analysis & Design: Human Capital Strategies

One and_half_towerAn organisation’s market value is ostensibly determined by the market’s perception of a group of factors including the quality of a company’s employees and its collective intellectual capacity – this places people at the core of business strategy.

The inability to successfully align employees’ efforts to achieve business strategies can often be attributed to the absence of a systems approach to strategy and/or a comprehensive strategic human capital plan and programmes that support business strategies. We assist senior management in crafting appropriate people strategies through an in-depth process of analysing existing values, culture, processes and programmes.


Change Management: Facilitation / Workshop

ChangeMost companies will, at some point, have to face a merger, acquisition or engage in a retrenchment process. In change facilitations / workshops we focus on the individual as the foundation of the collective change process and we provide people with an understanding of how change and learning take place in the human brain and psyche, and give them tools for dealing optimally with change.

Peter Block says  that "our need for privacy and our fear of the personal are the primary reasons why organisational change is more rhetoric than reality. Real change comes from our willingness to own our own vulnerability, confess our failures and acknowledge that many of our stories do not have a happy ending."


Mergers & Acquisitions

whole churchMore than 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail – primarily due to the inappropriate management and integration of people and leadership issues. We provide strategic guidance and management support to increase the probability of post-merger success. This means getting involved as part of the due diligence team, helping to design the integration and staying involved through the implementation to ensure a successful transition. In the due diligence phase we will, among others, objectively assess the compatibility of organisational cultures through a data driven approach.

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