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Individual & Team Development


In addition to what is listed elsewhere, a significant component of our work involves helping businesses with growing and developing existing human capital, building high performing teams and dealing with conflict in organisations.

With Strategic Human Capitals guidance, we collaboratively designed a multi-day team engagement that focussed on: building relationships; re-establishing trust; developing Vision and Values; quickly identifying all the aspects that were impacting the team’s performance (using SHCC’s Team Effectiveness S-Curve model), and facilitating in-depth discussions about the overall and BU strategies going forward. - Chief Information Officer, Global Insurance Company quote


Team Development: Assessing and developing team effectiveness 

Business toolsHigh-performing teams lie at the foundation of organisational success and much of the work we do is to collaborate with team leaders in building such teams.

All teams in an organisation should ultimately be focused on achieving outcomes that directly or indirectly support the overall organisational vision, strategies and goals. In order to help organisations (and teams) achieve this in an orchestrated manner we have developed a team effectiveness assessment model that guides teams in analysing and tracking all the critical elements required for them to be exceptional. It ensures both that the right metrics are considered, and even more importantly, that the right conversations are had about the right issues for a specific team at any given point in time.

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Prior to any intervention we use focus groups or one-on-one interviews to ensure both that the real challenges in the team are accurately identified, and that all team members' voices are heard. The intervention is then custom designed in partnership with the team leader to address the real issues that the team faces (real play rather than role play).

One size does not fit all, so we make use of a spectrum of best practice models, philosophies and cutting edge thinking to ensure an interactive blended learning intervention that is just right for the team. During the actual intervention our role is to create a safe container, build trust amongst team members, facilitate effective and honest conversations and ensure that every voice is heard.


Relationship and Conflict Management: Personality & conflict style assessment 

A recent study that questioned 5000 employees in Europe and the Americas and 660 HR practitioners in the UK found that the average employee spends 2.1 hours a week dealing with conflict (“...workplace disagreement that disrupts the flow of work”) and this, in UK workplaces alone, translates to 370 million working days lost every year.

But conflict in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, or is it? Thomas Jefferson said that "Difference of opinion leads to enquiry, and enquiry to truth". Suffice to say that having conflict competent employees and teams is critical for organisational effectiveness.

We are certified providers of the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Assessment tools that were developed specifically to help people learn how to have truly effective interpersonal relationships (including good conflict). Done in a team context, this powerful tool gives team members a colour coded visual expression of each other’s natural preferences, strengths and overdone strengths that are likely to impact the team dynamic both when things are going well and when conflict arises.

With SDI, we are able to scientifically predict how each team member will react and change in conflict. Team members get to understand and share:

    • how everyone in the team progresses through the three stages of conflict,
    • what they really want in each of the stages, 
    • how they feel and show up,
    • how they should and should not be approached in each of the different stages.

This is exceptionally powerful in helping people to recognise conflict sooner and resolve it with more acceptable outcomes.

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Emotional Competence Training: EQi-2.0 and 360 assessments

Personal Leadership_DevEmotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we: perceive and express ourselves; develop and maintain social relationships; cope with challenges; and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. Emotional intelligence is estimated to account for up to 45% of job success!

As certified providers of EQ-i2.0 & 360 we offer one of the most advanced and scientifically validated emotional intelligence assessment tools in the world. Based on the work by Reuven Bar-On, the EQ-i 2.0® measures a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way people perceive and express themselves, develop and maintain relationships, cope with life and work challenges and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

The EQ-i 2.0 measures an individual’s emotional and social strengths and weaknesses across five distinct categories, each with three sub categories, which together create a Total Emotional Intelligence score:

    • Self-Perception: Self-Regard, Self-Actualization, Emotional Self-Awareness 
    • Self-Expression: Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, Independence 
    • Interpersonal: Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy, Social Responsibility 
    • Decision Making: Problem Solving, Reality Testing, Impulse Control 
    • Stress Management: Flexibility, Stress Tolerance, Optimism 
    • Well-Being Indicator: Happiness 

The EQi360 allows for a 360 degree review of an individual's EQ - a most powerful perspective for either team development or individual leadership development.
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Employee Engagement: Tracking levels of commitment and productivity

The Gallup 2012 results found that 23 million people in the U.S. are actively disengaged from their work, i.e. they turn up and do their jobs at a basic level only. In the US alone, the estimated cost of this lost in productivity exceeds $300 billion.

High levels of employee engagement and being considered an employer of choice are mostly determined by the extent to which employees feel an organisation cares for them and is interested in their individual growth and development. This is a strategic challenge that requires a comprehensive approach.

Our solution includes a strategic management tool that helps organisations manage and monitor employee engagement through an easy to administer questionnaire that tracks all the critical indicators of employee engagement across four dimensions namely, the Individual:

    • as Employee
    • as part of a Team
    • in relation to their Manager
    • in relation to the Organisation.

This provides results that are a snapshot of employee engagement overall and per unit and it also serves as a high level review of the performance of unit managers. Like all our modules it can be customised to a specific organisation’s needs.

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Diversity Training Workshop: Transformation, integration, restoration and healing

Hands onlyIn South Africa’s diverse society it is essential for employers to actively manage the process of building a strong and culturally integrated workforce. 

After a deceptively calm period in South Africa post 1994, a number of factors seem to have generated the need for a renewed and more in-depth process of cross-cultural conversations today. But now the conversation is different and it includes questions around real transformation, privilege and restoration and ultimately what it will really take to heal us as a people and nation. 

In creating safe spaces to have these conversations, our workshops include opportunities for learning, talking, thinking, healing and sharing around topics of individual experience and pain, and group and cultural differences and experiences. We focus on developing an understanding of and appreciation for diversity as an emotional competence (EQ) and create opportunities for people to get to know each other, see each others’ hearts, and in so doing create new bonds and emotional allegiances with each other and build strongly integrated teams.

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Personal Development: Becoming all you were made to be

All successful leading of others starts with successfully leading self, so in this workshop module we focus on the personal growth of individuals and empowering them to further develop the first and most critical building block towards being a truly successful leader, namely high levels of self-awareness and self-understanding. We provide attendees with, and teach them how to apply, tried and tested tools that will guide and accompany their personal-growth journeys.

As part of the module we include: a 90-page Workshop Reflection Journal; an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Assessment; a 16PF/OPQ-type Personality Profiling Assessment; as well as programme-supporting audiovisual material.

Click here to see the Learning Leaders Level 1 Workshop Journal Index, which gives more information on the material covered in the workshop.